go get from any source

gopkg.net is a simple service that helps you map Go import paths to any SCM supported by the go get tool. This allows you to keep your corporate or personal import paths unique, short and concise.

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Why you did this service?

I wrote this service to get rid of a long and compilcated import path like this: mycompany.cloud.myhostingservice.com/scm/hg/go/mygoproject.hg, and be able to use a more compact version, like this: mycompany.gopkg.net/mygoproject, while still being able to call go get on my development machine to fetch all recursive dependencies.

Also, we sometimes change our code hosting URLs, from one place to another, or have to rename the SCM repository. The problem is that, by doing any of those changes, our go get calls will break. This service allows you to update where the code really lives without having to change the import path itself.

How much does it cost?

Currently, it is free for everyone to have at most 3 organizations.

Contact support@gopkg.net if you need any help, or need to upgrade your account limits.

Where can I get help?

Contact support@gopkg.net and we will help you as fast as we can.